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Westleigh Chiropractor Second Visit

Your Explanation Visit

Your second visit is your explanation visit. We believe the better an understanding we can provide, the more informed choice you will be able to make about your health.

We start by showing you a brief but informative video. Then we explain the results of the previous visit and whether or not we can help you. If so, you will receive your first adjustment on this day.

After Your Adjustment

After your adjustment, you will need to allow enough time to go for a 10 minute walk. The walk allows the body to get used to the changes. In total, allow 30 mins for this visit.

If you have a partner, it is ideal for them to attend this visit so you both will have an understanding of the findings and what needs to be done.

Your Regular visits will not be as long as your first or second visits to Ku-Ring-Gai Family Chiropractic.